New Pokemon Snap For Nintendo Switch: Pre-Orders Live At Amazon

Pokemon has a long history of wonderful spin-off games, but Pokemon Snap is perhaps the most beloved of them all. For years, fans of the 1999 Pokemon photography game have longed for a remake on Nintendo Switch, but out of the blue, Nintendo has given us something better: a true sequel. Literally titled New Pokemon Snap, the upcoming Switch game is being developed by Bandai Namco and features stunning modern graphics. No release date has been announced, but the trailer labeled it as “coming soon,” and Nintendo promised more details are coming soon as well. If you already know New Pokemon Snap is a day one purchase for you, the game is available to pre-order now.

Like its N64 predecessor, New Pokemon Snap will have you explore various Pokemon environments by traveling in a cart on a set rail path. You’ll take photos of Pokemon in their wild environment for research, adding them to your Photodex. In the old game, these photos were then rated by Professor Oak, and you’d score more points for capturing a Pokemon in a special pose, which often required certain items or accessories that you’d earn over time.

While the original game only featured Gen 1 Pokemon, the sequel will add Pokemon from newer generations, and we’re sure to see all-new environments as well. Pokemon Snap is a natural fit for the Switch’s motion controls as well, so we expect to learn more about how that will work within the game when Nintendo reveals more details.

Check out where you can pre-order New Pokemon Snap below. When Nintendo releases more information about the game, including a release date, we’ll include those details here.

Pre-order New Pokemon Snap | $60

As with many first-party Nintendo games, only one edition of New Pokemon Snap is available, and no pre-order bonuses have been announced. The game’s physical version is available to pre-order for $60. The Eshop has a placeholder listing, but you can’t pre-order the game digitally just yet.

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