‘Super Mario 64 Maker’ mod works exactly like you think it should

Kaze Emanuar is back at it again with a “Super Mario 64 Maker” hack. This new mod lets players create their own 3D Mario levels inside of Super Mario 64.

In a video showcasing the mod, Kaze Emanuar decides to create a red coin star in Super Mario 64. While he starts off with a cave theme, Kaze Emanuar easily changes it to a Bowser castle theme, complete with lava pools.

For the rest of the video, Kaze Emanuar sets up traps and obstacles for himself using his own Super Mario 64 Maker mod — easily jumping in and out of create and test mode to try his contraptions. Using the mod, he creates in the 3D plane using a big red arrow. With the C buttons, he can switch between different objects, and raise or lower them in the environment.

With Kaze Emanuar’s toolset, players are able to create wall jump puzzles, different kinds of stars, coin blocks, Koopa shells, flying boxes and more. Kaze Emanuar even added some of his own items, like the iconic Mario Bros. Note Block.

In terms of sharing levels, Kaze Emanuar set up a page on the Super Mario Maker Database. Players can easily create a level, save it, and upload it to the database for others to download and enjoy. Those interested in making their own levels can download the Super Mario 64 Maker mod and its compatible Super Mario 64 patcher. The controls for Super Mario Maker 64 are in Kaze Emanuar’s video description.

Kaze Emanuar is a YouTuber and modder that specializes in Nintendo 64 games. He’s spent the past few years creating memorable Mario mods, like Super Mario Odyssey 64 and Super Mario 64 Online.

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