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Drew Barrymore is not one to sweep things under the rug. The 47-year-old mom of two spoke candidly to SheKnows about how undergoing therapy, as a teenager struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, and not having limits at that age have shaped her as a mother. ” . . . We’re really big on therapy and talking about our feelings and working on ourselves,” she says. “And I’m glad that I had to work on myself really young — and to be a champion of that with my kids.”

While Barrymore admits a lack of boundaries growing up fueled much of her out-of-control behavior as a teenager, it’s understanding that that has made her a better mom. “In order to be the best parent that you could be, it isn’t the temperature checking and the science stuff. It’s the behavioral stuff, does wellbutrin help with losing weight learning boundaries when you didn’t have parents yourself and you worked in a job that had no boundaries,” she says. “People were like, ‘Well, you know boundaries.’ And I was like, ‘No I don’t. I’m embarrassed to say I have zero idea what you’re talking about.’ ”

She’s also committed to living a more sustainable life and choosing partnerships with brands that support her values. She recently took on the role of Chief Mom Officer at the meatless, eco-friendly brand Quorn, which offers products like vegetarian chicken nuggets and vegan burgers. She’s even appearing in Quorn’s new animated video series Myco101. But no pressure on living as sustainably as possible, because, as Barrymore likes to say, “We’re all works in progress every day.” 

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