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Nowadays, you’ve got to attain a certain level of coolness to be able to pull off a good moustache, whereas a generation or two ago, it was the standard style for almost every man.

The moustache has however made a revival in recent years as facial hair is now back in fashion after briefly making way for the clean-shaven look.

In an attempt to raise their game, many men have tried to grow out their moustaches, mimicking several different styles from the Chevron and the Walrus to the Pencil and the Handlebar, hydrocodone with ibuprofen vs acetaminophen but the results have been quite mixed.

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More often than not, men have to deal with bald patches in their moustaches that make growing out almost impossible, while those with weaker moustaches might wind up looking like teenage boys.

But there are certain tips men can follow to ensure that their moustaches come out looking thick and healthy, and most importantly, incredibly manly. Here’s a few of them.

1) Hold out

One of the reasons why younger men in particular might be struggling to achieve that mature man look with a strong moustache is simply because, well, they are not yet mature men. Facial hair tends to thicken with age, so it may be best to just delay growing the moustache by a few years. Repeatedly shaving in the meantime will help thicken the hairs.

2) Dye it

If your moustache is naturally blonde or ginger, it may appear patchier than darker moustaches, as darker facial hair absorbs more light and creates better contrast with the rest of the face. Dying your moustache a darker colour, therefore, will make it appear thicker.

3) Just let it grow

The reason why your moustache might appear weak and patchy is because you’re not waiting long enough before you trim or cut it. Growing your moustache properly could take months, and you may need to wait till it completely covers your upper lip, then style it in such a way that it isn’t so obvious.

4) Invest in a good trimmer

From time to time, while growing your moustache out, you may need to fix a few rebellious hairs to maintain the overall shape. Also, you may need to trim the hairs immediately above your top lip to allow the hairs beneath your nose time to catch up so your moustache can grow in an orderly manner.

5) Take your vitamins

There are certain vitamins you need to maintain in your diet to ensure that your facial hair comes out nice and thick. Vitamins A, E, D, K2 are the most important, as are minerals zinc, selenium, iodine, copper and magnesium. Foods that promote beard growth include eggs, oranges, potatoes, raisins, olive oil, coffee and beef.

6) Use hacks

There are a number of products out there that can help thicken and promote facial hair growth. You can use a beard roller to stimulate follicles in your beard, while moustache waxes allow you to clump hairs together, which creates the sense of more weight and volume.

7) Choose the right style for you

Start researching different moustache styles and think about which one is most suited for your face. Just because one style looks good on someone you know doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Find a style that suits you and own it.

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