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Noodle the Pug is about to turn 14, and he has some very important wisdom to share with the world: sometimes, it’s OK to have a “no bones day.”

That’s the message that has turned a lovably stubborn old pug into an Internet superstar. Noodle and his human, Jonathan Graziano, have amassed a social media following of millions on TikTok and Instagram (we’re huge fans ourselves!) who eagerly await Noodle’s regular “predictions.” If Graziano attempts to stand Noodle up and he stays standing, it’s a “bones day,” and we should go forth and tackle whatever comes at us with gusto. If Noodle slumps over and refuses to stand, however, it’s a no bones day … and we should take it easy on ourselves (as Graziano always advises during a no bones day, risperdal sommeil “No hard lights, no hard pants”). It’s Noodle’s world, and we’re all just following his lead.

Now Graziano has teamed up with illustrator Dan Tavis (and, of course, creative advisor Noodle) to bring us quite possibly the most adorable book ever about the critical need for self-care: Noodle and the No Bones Day

“It’s a story about me figuring out that not only is it important for me to listen to Noodle when he does or does not want to do something, but that it’s OK to let people know when you need to have either a personal day or you’re ready to kinda go out in the world,” Graziano told Today. “It’s a wonderful book that’s just really about communicating how you’re feeling.”


On a no bones day, Noodle isn’t sad or sick, just unmotivated — and Graziano honors that, as we all should when we get that “no-bones” feeling. “[N]ot every day can be a Bones Day,” says the book’s synopsis
, “and sometimes a No Bones Day is exactly what you need to get through the week.” We couldn’t agree more!

This book is sure to become a fast favorite on your child’s bookshelf, just the way Noodle himself has captured the hearts of people worldwide. It’s perfect reading for any day, but especially those times when we need a reminder that it’s absolutely OK if you need a no bones day.

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