Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War — New Details On Jason Hudson Released

After sharing more details about the Call of Duty: Black Ops character Frank Woods, developers Treyarch and Raven Software have now, as promised, shed some new light on another major character in the game, Jason Hudson.

Hudson plays a major role in Black Ops Cold War. On January 17, 1981, Hudson partners with his old friend Russell Adler to create an “elite team of operatives” who seek out to hunt down a nefarious Soviet enemy, known as Perseus.

Here is the official description for Hudson’s involvement in Black Ops Cold War:

“On January 17th, 1981, Hudson calls upon his old colleague, Russell Adler, to form an elite team of operatives in the pursuit of a dangerous Soviet agent. Although he doesn’t fully trust him and disagrees with some of his more unconventional methods, Hudson knows that if anyone has the personal motivation to see this task through to its conclusion, it’s Adler.”

Russell Adler is a brand-new character for the Call of Duty series. Played by Bruce Thomas, who portrayed Batman in a series of US commercials for OnStar in the early 2000s, Adler is a CIA agent who is part of the group trying to take down Perseus. We got our first glimpse at Adler in Black Ops Cold War video above where he meets with Ronald Reagan to discuss the plan to stop Perseus.

Hudson was voiced by the Oscar-nominated actor Ed Harris in the original Black Ops, before another Oscar-nominated actor, Michael Keaton, replaced him in Black Ops II. Hudson was only mentioned in Black Ops III and 4. There is no word on who is voicing Hudson in Black Ops Cold War, but we do know that the roles of Woods and Mason have been recast.

Treyarch and Raven will release more details on Adler and other characters in Black Ops Cold War later this week.

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