CoD: Season 5 For Warzone And Modern Warfare Teased With Train Video

Infinity Ward appears to be teasing its plans for Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Though the tease is short on details, it may give us an indication of when to expect the next season to drop, including the possible arrival of a train. It could be sooner than you expected. In fact, you may want to start brushing up on your trick shots now.

Charlie Intel reports that the company sent a video to Twitch streamer NICKMERCS. The video shows the date August 5, which is when the current Battle Pass is set to end. It also shows a vehicle on a train track, and late in the video a helicopter flies overhead. One of Warzone’s Hunting the Enemy intel missions previously involved a train, and there have also been references to an underground train, so it’s possible one could be added to the map. Datamining further suggests the stadium will finally open up.

We may see more teasers coming in advance of the new season launch. There have also been consistent rumors that Activision will tease or announce this year’s Call of Duty game from within Warfare, in absence of a press event or televisted sports games to show off the big reveal. We know that Warzone will continue to evolve with new annual Call of Duty game releases. With only a few months left before a new game traditionally launches, Activision doesn’t have much time to waste. Rumors point to a possible Black Ops reboot.

Infinity Ward often drops new game modes and big changes in new season changeovers, along with new story content featuring fan-favorite characters. Warzone has also often gotten significant updates mid-season. Recently, though, lots of Call of Duty updates have been focused on removing or revising offensive cosmetics, like the OK gesture or a “Border War” skin.

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