Despite Being Released Already, Amazon's Crucible Is Going Back Into Closed Beta

In a bizarre move, despite having been released in May, Amazon’s Crucible is shifting back into a closed beta beginning on July 1. The move comes after a quiet launch, which marked the first release from Amazon’s internal game studios.

Crucible game will continue to be accessible for players 24/7, but the development team will be scheduling out time to play with the community and solicit feedback. The game will also still be accessible through Steam for current players. Anyone that wants access to the beta should download the game prior to 9 AM PDT tomorrow July 1, after which you will need to sign up through the game’s website for the beta.

There is no set date for when the game will exit beta and release again, with the post saying “it will be based on your feedback and the metrics that we see in-game.” Players will keep all progress and customization items, plus the battle pass and in-game store will remain.

Crucible is Amazon’s first AAA release and a free-to-play team focused third-person hero shooter with MOBA elements in some game modes. GameSpot gave it a 5/10 in our Crucible review, with critic Alessandro Barbosa writing, “Its enticing characters and their occasionally exhilarating abilities are undermined by the unsatisfying third-person shooting underpinning them. The game’s three modes all attempt to stretch the already inflexible mechanics of each character in ways that make each one feel underwhelming, in spite of their more interesting ideas. Most of all, Crucible just doesn’t play host to the coordinated teamwork it demands for balanced matches, forcing you to look elsewhere or gamble with the chance of being matched with players that complement your character choices. It’s a game that fights itself at every turn, and ultimately is little more than a curious distraction from other players in this space rather than a true competitor for your attention.”

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