Destroy All Humans Remake Will Include A Previously Unreleased Level

The Destroy All Humans remake will contain a new level that was not included in the original PS2 and Xbox release. The mission, which was designed but did not make it into the game, has been restored and remade for the upcoming release.

The mission is called “The Wrong Stuff,” and it’s set in an Area 42 base (which is, essentially, the Destroy All Humans version of Area 51). You encounter this area in the middle of the game, and this mission has been inserted back into where it was originally going to appear.

You can see the brief trailer below.

Pandemic Studios, the developer of the original game, closed in 2009 after releasing The Saboteur. They are credited with the design of this new “lost” mission.

Destroy All Humans will release for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on July 26.

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