Halo Infinite Includes Fan-Favorite Actors Alongside Newcomers

Halo Infinite is being marketed as a “spiritual reboot” for the series, continuing the story from Halo 5 but centering the action on a mysterious ring world like in the original game. Such a big change could have resulted in other major departures, such as recasting voice roles, but that won’t be the case for the series’ two biggest characters.

The Master Chief will once again be played by Steve Downes, an actor whose low, measured tone has defined the hero since his first appearance nearly 20 years ago. He’s joined by Jen Taylor, who voices both Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey, the researcher who lent her voice to Cortana when she was “born.” Given the dark path Cortana traveled down in Halo 5, we expect to hear a lot of Taylor in Halo Infinite.

There are a few newcomers that 343 Industries has revealed thus far, as well. “The Pilot,” who does have a name that has not been officially revealed yet, will be played by Nicolas Roye. He has appeared in several other video games such as Resident Evil: Resistance earlier this year and Apex Legends. War Chief Escahrum, who is the Brute featured at the end of the campaign teaser, is played by Darin de Paul. He plays Reinhardt in Overwatch and also voiced the legendary J. Jonah Jameson in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

We’ll see how the new characters pan out when Halo Infinite launches this holiday season. The game will be a launch title for Xbox Series X and will also come to Xbox One and PC.

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