Hellish Quart may be the next Bushido Blade successor

For the first time in years, old-school Bushido Blade fans have a glimmer of hope to latch onto: Hellish Quart. Hellish Quart is a new sword dueling game coming to Steam Early Access, and it’s highly reminiscent of the beloved PlayStation fighting game.

On its Steam Early Access page, developer Kubold describes Hellish Quart as a sword dueling game set in the 17th century featuring different warriors from the time period.

Much like Bushido Blade, Hellish Quart emphasizes one-shot kills. In the trailer above, one wayward cut is often enough damage to deal the killing blow. Bushido Blade had a similar mechanic back in 1997, where players could kill with a single slash of their sword. Players loved Bushido Blade for its unique, quirky swordplay, and Hellish Quint’s trailer evokes that same signature gameplay and style.

According to its Steam page, Hellish Quint uses “active ragdolls” and applies real time physics to determine sword damage. Players will use the four different face buttons on a gamepad to determine their attack angle — with button combos producing special moves.

The Steam page also talks up Hellish Quint’s historical accuracy, with 3D scanned clothes based on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Players can use several different kinds of warriors in battle, including Polish Hussars, Tatars, Swedish Reiters, and French Musketeers, among others.

Hellish Quart will come to Steam Early Access, but the specific release date remains unannounced.

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