League of Legends announces more anime-inspired skins, including a kitsune Kindred

Four more skins are coming to League of Legends as part of the anime-inspired Spirit Blossom skin line. This batch includes skins for Riven, Ahri, Cassiopeia, and Kindred, who hasn’t received a new skin in years.

Just like how Thresh was the star in the last batch of skins, Kindred is the highlight in this set. Lamb’s elegant form, masked with thick hair, along with Wolf’s Japanese kitsune-based appearance, fit the line perfectly. It’s like everything a Kindred main could want in a very good skin.

These skins will move on to the Public Beta Environment for testing for around two weeks and then will move to the live servers as an addition part of the Spirit Blossom event. The event ties the release of Lilia, the upcoming dryad champion, into the release of skins as well.

Going off the last batch of skins, the skins below will likely cost 1,350 Riot Points, which is around $10 each. One of them may be a Legendary skin, which will cost 1,820 RP or closer to $20.

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Spirit Blossom Kindred

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia

Spirit Blossom Riven

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