PS4/PC Exclusivity Ends As Control's DLC The Foundation Hits Xbox One

The first story DLC for Control, The Foundation, hit PC and PS4 in April. And there it stayed alone for a few months during the exclusivity period, but with that over you can now explore a new section of the Oldest House on Xbox One as well.

Developer Remedy noted the release on Twitter with an appropriately in-universe message style. The Board says there’s a Situation/Crisis/Uh-Oh that needs attending. The Foundation costs $15 individually or $25 as part of a season pass that will also include the second expansion, AWE.

AWE is said to be coming in late summer, and Remedy acknowledged “frustrations” with the Foundation exclusivity period in a note on Reddit. As a result, the AWE expansion will be released simultaneously on all platforms.

The Foundation picks up from where the main game’s story left off to pick up a loose plot thread. Marshall, the head of operations for the Bureau of Control, left to deal with a problem in the Foundation, the lowest point in the Oldest House. The DLC deals with you going down there to help sort out the issue yourself.

Control was named one of GameSpot’s Best Games of 2019, in part because of the strength of the world-building.

“From the first moment you set foot in the Oldest House, itself a potentially-sentient structure whose corridors and rooms change and mutate of their own accord, Control revels in its sense of the supernatural uncanny,” Phil Hornshaw wrote. “Its influences are immediately apparent: As much as it might draw on real science and history as a grounding for its extra-ordinary events, it also pulls ideas from the online creepypasta database SCP and leans into Remedy’s long-running fascination with the works of David Lynch.”

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