Sims can spend hours knitting that perfect sweater in new Stuff Pack

The first trailer for The Sims 4’s Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack is every bit as cozy and crafty as promised. The pack’s biggest feature is the introduction of knitting, obviously, and loads of knitwear to go with it. Sims can also sell knitted creations on Plopsy, the Sim version of Etsy. Let the nifty knitting begin!

Nifty Knitting is the second stuff pack to be voted on by the Sims community, following Laundry Day Stuff. To those who have not eagerly been paying attention to survey results, other possible themes for the pack included “science and technology” and “happy haunts,” before the more generic arts and crafts theme won the vote. The Sims community then voted again for the main feature of the pack, and knitting (rightfully!) won.

When it came down to choosing the aesthetic of the pack, the community decided on an eclectic DIY Delight (shoulda gone with Granny Chic here, but who am I to judge the popular vote?). Voting then continued on new Create-A-Sim items and build/buy mode furniture, till the last round, which focused on the name of the pack.

The Sims community delights in packs that add small, lifelike experiences to the game. For every expansion that adds huge gameplay features, like Realm of Magic, there is one that fleshes out the day-to-day life of Sims. Packs like Laundry Day Stuff and Seasons are beloved by players, and are general crowd-pleasers, because they add realistic dimension to the digital world.

Nifty Knitting is out July 28.

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