Call of Duty players love this ‘toxic’ gameplay montage, hate the gameplay

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone subreddits usually have some pretty good clips — videos of players denying access to the sweet new bunker, helping out random friends, or just refusing to give up. But a new clip on the Modern Warfare subreddit marks the end of all Call of Duty montages; it cannot and will not get better than this.

On July 5, user Gorrick1 posted a minute-long montage of their own exploits using a self-described “toxic” loadout: the dual .357 revolvers with their Snake Shot shotgun attachments and the Model 680 shotgun. The video (embedded below) depicts Gorrick1 using this loadout to decimate players across a variety of maps.

But this is not an ordinary montage. Gorrick1 set their kills to the tune of Offenbach’s “Infernal Galop.” Gorrick1 primarily uses their .357s and the Model 680 to reproduce the song’s sounds (supported by Offenbach’s blaring horns), but occasionally gets creative with kill streaks, C4, and even an AC130.

In less than 24 hours, Redditors have upvoted the post nearly 44,000 times, and given it 32 different Reddit awards.

Players love Gorrick1’s video because of the incredible editing, the music choice, and some of the impressive gameplay. “I will commend you on the editing but condemn you for the gameplay lmao,” wrote user ThePandazz, speaking for many players in the thread. The celebrated toxicity here is a true depiction of schadenfreude in action.

The playstyle is labeled toxic because Gorrick1 is effectively using two shotguns simultaneously. Players spent weeks complaining about the .357 Snake Shots before Infinity Ward nerfed them — as they had the range of pistols and the stopping power of a shotgun. But now, players like Gorrick1 are just pairing them with an actual shotgun, running around the map and taking people out with orchestral explosions.

The Call of Duty community loves creativity that leads to victory — even when it’s toxic. But it’s that perfect mix of hate and love that makes videos like this one so popular. It takes a special kind of player to run double shotguns like this, and the community loves to express its frustration over in-game balance with a cleverly edited video. They’ve all been in a game with a player like this.

But on a personal note, it’s just nice to see a fellow artist use Offenbach’s infamous song the way he always intended it: endless, virtual destruction.

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