Gearbox shows off Arms Race, the new Borderlands 3 battle royale

Borderlands 3 has a big, expansive setting compared to the other two games, and it’s about to get a little bigger. Gearbox announced Arms Race, which is “the galaxy’s premier reality murder show!” Arms Race takes place on a new map. Much like other battle royale games, players will drop onto the map with no gear, abilities, or tools. Then, they’ll search the map to find power-ups and race towards the final section of the map.

Arms Race is primed to take advantage of some of the best parts of Borderlands, which is promising. In our review of Borderlands 3, Polygon praised the gunplay.

“In Borderlands 3, you once again have a nearly limitless array of guns to collect, sell, and use in combat, which makes every pickup potentially exciting,” Polygon’s Ben Kuchera wrote. “Finding a gun with a unique or enjoyable collection of modifiers and abilities is one of the series’ greatest joys.”

We also see some familiar characters in the trailer, like Amara and Moze from the campaign. It’s unclear whether the mode may eventually add new characters or old favorites.

Arms Race is set to launch on Nov. 10, and is included in the game’s second season pass.

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