Unreleased Sucker Punch game footage leaks, watch the 10-minute demo

A lengthy video for an unreleased Sucker Punch game, titled Prophecy, has leaked online. It appears to be one of several dead ends that team explored on its way to making Ghost of Tsushima, which was released on July 17. We’ve embedded the entire clip below, but it’s also available in multiple places on YouTube.

Prophecy takes place in a fictional world inspired by the early Renaissance. Set in a European-inspired seaport, the game stars a man named Abel Tvorah. Buried below the city are untold horrors, and it’s up to Tvorah to stop a group of soldiers from uncovering them. Action is from the third-person perspective, with plenty of cinematic moments and even a handful of quick-time events.

Of note is Tvorah’s bandolier, which is filled with vials of powders. Some are explosive, while others corrode metal quickly. A climactic scene sees our hero burning the armor off an adversary before killing him.

Internet sleuths have linked the demo to Sucker Punch’s lead art director, Max Chapman, who was hosting the footage on his website before taking it down. Renders of the main character, as well as some mysterious multi-armed monsters, have been uncovered as well. Polygon has reached out to the studio for comment.


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