A Sequel Could Actually Work For Fire Emblem: Three Houses Without Only One Path Being Canon

Considering that Fire Emblem: Three Houses was by far the most successful game in the series, there is real opportunity for expansion on this game, aside from the DLC. Though there are many fans that are looking for remakes of older games, I’d rather see a brand new game that builds on the stories and characters from Three Houses. While there are numerous ways this could be done—including the creation of prequel content centered around Nemsis and Sothis—I’d most like to see a sequel that begins with the end of the Three Houses.

From what I’ve gathered, most people are concerned with the problem that a sequel would automatically make only one of the potential paths in Three Houses canon. In Three Houses, there are four main routes you can choose during the game, and each route leads to a different ending (though some endings are more different than the others).

While it’s true that they could just pick one of the endings and build off that, this would likely displease enough people that they would receive backlash for it. Perhaps the ending that would get the least amount of backlash if chosen as cannon would be the route of the Church, as it leaves the most room for continuation out of the four. That said, it renders Claude and Dimitri useless to the overarching plot.

But there are still ways they could make a sequel without declaring one route as cannon. Perhaps in the sequel to Three Houses, the player makes a choice at the very beginning of the game between the Verdant Wind, Azure Moon, Crimson Flower, and Silver Snow route endings from the previous game. The sequel can be structured the same as Three Houses—with four different paths—but this time they diverge right at the beginning of the game, depending on which ending you choose to continue with from Three Houses. Not only does this eliminate the problem of having only one route as cannon, but this also provides players with a full continuation of the story they loved. Considering that, after debating how each House leader’s philosophy stacks against the others, it’s still not clear that any single route would solve all of Fódlan’s problems, there is certainly room for more content after any of these endings.

That said, I wouldn’t even be set on continuing the exact same storylines. In fact, I think potentially the best sequel would involve choosing which ending you’re continuing from the first game, and then playing a game that is centered around entirely different characters living in the aftermath of the Three Houses conflict. Depending on which route you’ve chosen to continue from, you would play as new characters struggling to adapt to this new world.

Furthermore, it would be great if each route specifically included how the main ideas that the three leaders from Three Houses had were problematic. Considering Three Houses gives you some good perspective on how each of the characters could be both right and wrong, a sequel could display in detail what each house leader was missing in their considerations. For example, if you start the sequel continuing Edelgard’s route, perhaps the game displays how your new characters are suffering from having their faith ripped from them. If you have chosen Dimitri’s route, perhaps the new characters are suffering because of how the Church is still operating since things didn’t change enough. By the end of the sequel, the new characters can find a way to help bring about a true resolution, which will be a new answer than any of the original three provided in the last game.

There are plenty of other routes that the developers could take, but tons of options exist to make a stellar Three Houses sequel without forcing one path to be canon in the next game.

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