Dear Sony: Here Are Some Specifics On What We’d Like To See In A Legend Of Dragoon Remake

I’ve written about The Legend of Dragoon a fair amount in recent times. But I realized one topic I have yet to cover is what should actually happen with a Legend of Dragoon remake. We’ve gone over the community and its projects and how we’re all working together to get the game remade, but what should the finished product look like? Basically, it can be broken down into a few categories: what absolutely should not change, what absolutely must change, and other ideas that are being tossed around in the community.

The Legend of Dragoon’s ‘Untouchables’

To start, let’s cover what you absolutely should not do, and that’s touch the plot or the characters. One of the reasons The Legend of Dragoon is such a spectacular game is because of its fantastical plot and likable characters. The writing A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y needs some work, don’t get me wrong. Some of the dialogue lines in the game are so cringey, and the English voice acting that goes along with those lines is sometimes just as bad. In addition, there is room for the plot to be expanded upon or explained better at certain times in the game. But changing any of the characters or their personalities? Forget about it. The Legend of Dragoon has such a dedicated following for a reason, and a big part of it are those characters that we love. And you can add some to the story, but to go away from the main storyline too much in a remake but be a travesty.

In addition to plot and characters, it would be best not to change up the combat system much. I don’t mind if you want to reassess how you tackle random encounters (and I’m all for providing an option to shorten the scenes whenever the player chooses to use magic) but preserve the turn-based fighting and the additions. The additions are part of what makes the game unique and more fun than other strategy-based combat games. Furthermore, the unique attack style while in dragoon form will always stand out to me about this game, and it would be a tragedy to see that go.

What Must Be Redone In The Legend Of Dragoon

While there are a lot of amazing qualities about The Legend of Dragoon, there are most definitely things that need to be updated or changed with a remake. The nice thing is that The Legend of Dragoon gets (what I consider to be) the important content right, and most of what needs to change are simpler fixes rather than trying to completely redo the game. So here are some of the qualities that should absolutely be redone in a new Legend of Dragoon game:

  • Better writing that’s derived from the original content
  • Better English voice acting
  • Updated graphics
  • Remastered music

Personally, I’d like to have the same music simply updated in a remake, due to its uniqueness and the nostalgia it brings. However, I can’t say I’d flip out too much if they decided to do a new orchestral soundtrack for a Legend of Dragoon remake.

Potential Legend Of Dragoon Remake Ideas That Are Up For Debate

Delving into the slightly more controversial side of things, I’d like to talk about some of the qualities that could be awesome to see in a remake of The Legend of Dragoon. For example, I’ve seen many people float the idea of making the game more open and less linear when exploring the world. I’m not necessarily opposed; this is a fantasy game and part of what made it great was the “cool big fantasy world” feel, and changing this could add to that in a great way. I’m just not sure how that would work with the plot, which needs to remain the same. But perhaps if they were to expand on the plot, expanding on locations to go along with that would make lots of sense.

In a similar flavor, The Legend of Dragoon is ripe with opportunity for side quests. Considering how many different kingdoms and cities the player ends up in by the end of the game, I would be absolutely stoked to see side quests added in every location or even on the road. This was considered a long game even without side quests for the time period it came out, but in today’s market, side quests would only greatly enhance the game.

Lastly, they could make Dart’s dialogue have a little more of an impact. Sometimes there are dialogue options in the game, but they don’t actually amount to anything. In a remake, perhaps the dialogue could have an actual impact on relationships with the other characters and on encounters along the way.

It’s time to start paying attention, and recognize that this game’s following is not dying out, and we will continue to write about it until we see it brought back.

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