I Sincerely Feel Bad If Your Fave Isn’t In New Pokemon Snap

If your favorite Pokemon doesn’t end up making an appearance in New Pokemon Snap, let me be the first to tell you: that sucks, and I’m sorry. New Pokemon Snap is going to be a special game for lifelong Pokefans and an extraordinarily rare opportunity to experience the natural world of Pokemon realized in real-time 3D. There are definitely going to be plenty of wonderful moments and fan-favorite ‘mons to admire in New Pokemon Snap, but if you’re feeling left out because your BFF didn’t make the cut, I totally get that.

New Pokemon Snap will feature around 200 Pokemon, less than a quarter of the total Pokemon that exist. This means there’s a relatively high chance that your favorite one won’t be making an appearance. Though we’ve only seen about half of the Pokemon that will appear in the game, there seems to be a good mix of monsters from every generation and of every type. Your favorite generation won’t be left out, but your favorite monster might.

The original Pokemon Snap did not include the entire Pokedex either, of course. The N64 game feature about 70 of the original 151 Pokemon, or close to half. There were some notable exceptions, like Raichu and Gengar, but overall there would have been a much better chance that your fave made it into the original. In the new version, it’s fair to say that your favorite most likely won’t show up.

This will surely disappoint a lot of fans. When Game Freak revealed that only half of the existing Pokemon would be available or transferable to Sword & Shield, a vocal part of the Pokemon fanbase attempted a boycott of the game. That boycott failed, and Sword & Shield became the most successful Pokemon games in the entire series, but the exclusions are still a sore spot for the community. While the expansions have brought more Pokemon back into the game, “Dexit” is a big problem that Pokemon fans are still hoping can be resolved as the series continues.

Many players have Pokemon in their collection that they’ve had since as far back as Gen 3. With FireRed/LeafGreen and the virtual console, it’s possible to collect all 893 Pokemon in your bank, even though you can never bring them together in Sword & Shield. Players, understandably, want to play with all of the Pokemon they’ve collected over the years and build unique teams of all of their favorites. Dexit made that impossible.

The exclusion of more than 600 Pokemon from New Pokemon Snap is also upsetting, but for totally different reasons. Pokemon Snap is a unique game in the franchise because it offers experiences that no other games can. Outside of the anime, there’s no better way to observe the personality of different Pokemon or see how they interact with each other in their natural environment. The Wild Area in Sword & Shield explored this idea to an extent, but it doesn’t even come close to the level of immersion that Pokemon Snap offers.

Seeing your favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Snap is such a joy. I’ll never forget the moment in Pokemon Snap when you encounter a Scyther. As the Zero-One passes by a field of tall grass, you notice some rustling in the distance. If you through a Pester Ball into the field, a Scyther will jump into the air and perform a Slash attack. Finding a Scyther in the wild of the Safari Zone in Pokemon Red & Blue is also exciting, but it’s nothing compared to the cinematic, real-time encounters that happen in Pokemon Snap.

My favorite Pokemon, Umbreon, has not yet been revealed for New Pokemon Snap. Umbreon is a pretty popular Pokemon so I’m still hoping it will make an appearance, but if not, I’m going to be terribly disappointed. Every time I take a picture of a trash-tier Pokemon like Luvdisc or Minior (sorry Minior fans) I’m probably going to have some resentment that they made the cut, but my beloved Umbreon did not.

It’s inevitable, unfortunately. It simply wouldn’t be possible to fit every Pokemon into New Pokemon Snap. I don’t begrudge the developers for leaving some out, nor do I envy their position of having to choose which ones to include. The big problem, for me, is that this is likely our only chance to see Pokemon in a modern Pokemon Snap game.

Dexit was painful for a lot of players, but it’s easy to have hope because the mainline Pokemon series will continue. A lot of Pokemon aren’t in Sword & Shield, but when the 9th Generation games come out in a year or two, it’s practically guaranteed that missing ‘mons from Sword & Shield will finally make it back in. Maybe not all of them, but it’s conceivable that, eventually, the Pokedex will once again be complete.

The last Pokemon Snap game came out 22 years ago on a system that predated hard drives and internet connections. It’s entirely possible that a New Pokemon Snap 2 could happen if this one is a wild success, but I’m not holding my breath. Pokemon spin-off games typically have fairly modest sales, and recent efforts to revitalize old series, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, haven’t exactly rocked the sales charts. If your fave doesn’t appear in New Pokemon Snap, all you can really do is wait another 22 years and hope the next game delivers.

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