New Swordsman VR Gameplay Showcases Some Brutal Combat

Sinn Studio, the virtual reality (VR) developer behind titles such as first-person shooter (FPS) Warzone is currently in the process of creating a very different experience, a medieval combat videogame called Swordsman VR. Announced back in May, the team has recently released new beta gameplay footage of the melee combat.

The footage is a compilation from the private beta the studio held back in May, providing the best chance yet to see how the close-quarters combat is shaping up. While a video can’t portray that feeling of being in VR and the swing of a sword, Swordsman VR certainly looks like the bloody brawler you’d expect it to be.

Enemies can be parried and blocked with either your sword or shield, and when an opening presents itself blades can be plunged in between gaps in armour. There’s also a magical element to Swordsman VR where players rock attacks to knock over enemies or enchant their weapons to inflict elemental damage.

It won’t purely be human AI opponents players will be facing as the video also unveils some sort of demonic knight, most likely a boss, who seems fairly formidable.

Sinn Studio has already released fairly extensive details for Swordsman VR. The title features a narrative where Earth’s mightiest warriors have to band together to fight an other-worldly menace: The J​ötunn. This means that players can select their character from a range of cultures, from Knights and Vikings to Mongols and Samurai, all with their own particular traits.

While the videogame may have magical elements the main weapon handling mechanics are designed to be realistic. Whether you prefer a two-handed broadsword, sword and shield combo or dual-wielding two short swords, they’ll each have different weights to modify their speed and damage capabilities.

As progression is made players will be able to utilise the Blacksmith​, the ​Armorer​ and the ​Skill Master​ to improve their odds. Customisation options range from the Blacksmith selling new weapons to the Skill Master who helps unlock new character stats and special abilities.  

Swordsman VR is slated to launch this summer for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets. As further details are released, VRFocus will let you know.
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