Ninja Legends is Getting Physical on PlayStation VR This Summer

Coinflip Studios released its first virtual realty (VR) title Ninja Legends last year for PC VR headsets, offering players the chance to wield deadly weapons against waves of enemies. Today, Perp Games has announced it’ll bring the title to PlayStation VR as a physical release.

An action-packed experience which is all about physical combat, Ninja Legends will arm you with a selection of classic ninja weapons. You’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with assassins using swords, gauntlets, staff and a bow, all designed with different handling characteristics to suit your preference.

There are 18 levels and four difficulty modes to play through, as well as boss battles, daily challenges and unlockable secret modes to keep you coming back for mode. To aid you in battle Ninja Legends also provides you with Shadow Skill abilities. These can slow down time and take down multiple enemies at once.

“We’re very pleased to bring Ninja Legends to Playstation VR, in collaboration with Perp Games,” said Brian Guenther, CEO of Coinflip Studios in as statement. “The intense melee and bow combat of Ninja Legends is unique and we are excited to share it with the Playstation community. Good luck on the leaderboards!”

The experience is designed to be brutal, allowing you to slice and dice enemies with efficiency when using bladed weapons, whilst blunt ones will send them flying.

Ninja Legends is an intense workout! Following Perp Games’ focus on fitness applications in VR, we felt Ninja Legends was an essential fit in our library of games. PlayStation VR owners have been long awaiting the chance to play this for themselves, and we’re thrilled to be working with Coinflip Studios,” Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games added.

Ninja Legends is scheduled for a PlayStation VR launch this summer, although Perp Games hasn’t confirmed an exact date at the moment. When those details are made available, VRFocus will let you know.
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