Second Trailer for Sword Reverie Showcases new Combat & Landscapes

Back in March around the same time as the cancelled Game Developers Conference (GDC) indie studio Isekai Entertainment released its first trailer for Sword Reverie, a Japanese-inspired role-playing game (RPG). This week the team has published a new trailer showcasing more of the title’s gameplay and locations.

The video reveals plenty of close-range combat and magical abilities, being able to dual-wield weapons to parry and slice up enemies or using both in unison to unleash ranged abilities. The magical attacks seem to depend on the weapon, with flaming swords firing off fireballs or creating a protective ring of fire whilst the ice blades can create multiple projectiles for groups of opponents.

Discussing recent developments in the project the team mentions in a statement: “We are polishing up the sword fighting and AI, and you can see some of the changes to the abilities in our new trailer. Levels are also more flushed out as we begin to shift our attention to level design.

“Lastly, we are happy to announce that we have cast Kira Buckland, the English voice actor for 2B from NeiR: Automata as the English voice for Stella and have started recording voice lines. You can hear her awesome performance in the trailer.”

As with any good JRPG Sword Reverie‘s back story is set in a time when tensions between Humans and Elementals are increasing after years of peace. You play an unnamed hero summoned to save the land, heading out on the quest joined by Stella, the daughter of the land’s last Guardian who was slain by an Elemental.

Sword Reverie has been built around physical melee combat, with players able to unlock new abilities and craft powerful weapons as they face foes large and small.

Currently, Isekai Entertainment has said it’ll launch Sword Reverie as an Early Access title for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index headsets this later this year. Before then the studio will be holding a playtest with dates to be announced this month. For those interested in seeing an early version of Sword Reverie head to the official website to signup. Support for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest has also been mentioned but not confirmed at the moment.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Sword Reverie, reporting back with further updates.
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