This Week In Halo Infinite: Unused Scenes, Sentient Bots, And Braver Grunts

It's the first Halo Infinite round-up of 2022. While there wasn't any major news about the game last week, we did get a few unofficial stories thanks to dataminers. It also seems that the bots from the multiplayer mode and the Grunts from the campaign have decided to misbehave.

Dataminers Find Removed Halo Infinite Mid-Credits Scene

If Halo Infinite's post-credits scene left you a bit confused, dataminers discovered an unused scene, meant to roll mid-credits, which will have you scratching your head even harder. The clip in question shows the pilot of Pelican Echo 216 receiving a mysterious signal with a friendly UNSC tag. We don't know who or what has sent the signal, but the pilot can't seem to believe it.

Fans have theorized everything from remnants of the UNSC Infinity to the Spirit of Fire. It's still unclear what the clip was referencing; hopefully we'll find out when Halo Infinite drops it's first campaign DLC.

Halo Infinite Datamine Indicates Grifball And Infection Are Making A Return

Fans were glad when 343 finally added a Slayer playlist to the multiplayer, but little did they know that the best mode was yet to come. Those pesky dataminers have found medals that indicate the imminent arrival of Grifball, along with King of the Hill, Infection, and Extraction.

Grifball is a multiplayer mode invented by Red vs. Blue that was added to the series from Halo 3 onwards. It's basically rugby but with Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers. The information came courtesy of reliable Halo dataminer, HaloNoticiasMX, whose information has often been spot on.

Bots Are Refusing To Leave Matches In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite's bots should have 'machine overlord' conspiracy theorists worried. They absolutely obliterated players during the open beta, teabagged their victims, came up with funny gamertags for themselves, and now refuse to leave multiplayer games.

These bots were designed to take up any open spots in order to balance teams out if there weren't enough players. However, they have been sticking to their spots, resulting in teams becoming uneven. It's quite a major glitch to have lopsided multiplayer teams, so expect a fix to be pushed out pretty soon.

Halo Infinite's Grunts Are Braver Than They Ever Were

Long-time Halo fans will be glad about the visual changes that have been made to the enemies. Craig, for instance, got hit by puberty pretty hard and now rocks a hot mohawk and beard. Another big change that players may have noticed is that Grunts seem a lot braver than they used to be. Sure, they still run away at the first sign of adversity, but they do try harder to put up an initial fight.

According to lead narrative designer Aaron Linde, this was a conscious decision made by the devs. "One thing that I'm really glad to see people noticing is the higher degree of confidence in the Ggrunts," he said. "We wanted to convey a sense of meaningful change for them as part of the slightly-more-egalitarian Banished, where they have more equity—or at least more than they did in the Covenant, where they had none—and more philosophical buy-in on their part as a result."

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