Valheim: Eikthyr Boss Guide

Valheim’s first boss fight, Eikthyr, is presented to you almost immediately. There is a considerable amount of preparation required before you’ll be ready to take on the deer god, but there’s nothing to stop you from starting to fight whenever you think you’re ready for it. Eikthyr sets a pace for progression throughout all of Valheim, so it’s important to understand the kind of preparation that goes into the boss fights. If you’re just getting started in Valheim, here’s everything you need to know about Eikthyr.

How Do You Start The Eikthyr Boss Fight?

Eikthyr is summoned from an altar right where you start the game. Follow the raven’s tutorial and you’ll be lead to the altar. If you move away from spawn to build your base, you can always find Eikthyr’s altar marked on your map. To summon Eikthyr, all you need to do is offer it two Deer Trophies. You can resummon Eikthyr as often as you’d like in the event that you need more Hard Antler for crafting pickaxes.

Deer Trophies are an uncommon material that can drop from deer. Deer are skittish and will always run away from you when they detect you, so you’ll need to approach them carefully. There are several reliable methods for taking down a deer. If you are practiced with a bow you can often take down several deer in quick succession. Otherwise, sneaking up behind them with a wooden club or a spear can also work. Keep in mind that the spear has a deceptively short melee range but can be thrown quickly by pressing the middle mouse button.

How Do You Defeat Eikthyr?

The key to winning any boss fight in Valheim is preparation. It doesn’t matter how well you can block and dodge if you aren’t coming in with the proper gear. Generally speaking, the level of your skills doesn’t play a huge factor in combat. Weapon proficiency and sprinting levels certainly help, but it is possible to take on Eikythyr without any grinding. It is not possible, however, to fight without the proper weapons, armor, and preparation.

At a bare minimum, you should craft the leather armor set (Deer Hide Cape, Leather Helmet, Leather Pants, and Leather Tunic) and either a bow or a Flint Spear and Wood Shield. You’ll need quite a bit of Deer Hide for all this crafting but it will be well worth the investment. If you’re using a bow to kite the boss, regular wooden arrows will do. Otherwise, all of Eikthyr’s attacks are easy to block with a shield.

Once you’ve crafted the proper gear, make sure you also eat a good meal of three different items before the fight. A simple cooked meet, mushroom, berry meal will ensure that you have extra health and stamina for the fight.

Eikthyr is a massive stag with electrified antlers. The boss has only a few attacks, including a melee lunge, a ranged lightning attack, and an AOE lightning attack. The most important thing is managing your stamina. You don’t want to spam attacks at Eikthyr and leave yourself completely open to a counter-attack without the ability to block or roll out of the way. If you want to be cautious, kite the boss around and fire arrows at him only when you have a nearly full stamina bar. Otherwise you can kill him in under five minutes with well-timed blocks and stabs with the spear. Once he’s defeated, you can collect the Hard Antler he drops and craft your first pickaxe.

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