Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR Could Get Quest 2 Port

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the next big Oculus Studios game, began production years before even the original Quest launched; as such the game has been built from the ground up for PC VR platforms. However, Oculus Studios and Respawn Entertainment say they plan to investigate the possibility of a Quest 2 port of Medal of Honor once the PC version is complete.

While Oculus Studios has funded some ambitious titles over the years for its PC VR platform, games made for its mobile headsets like Gear VR and Go have been undeniably smaller in scope. With the rise of Quest and Quest 2 in the last year and a half, there’s clearly demand for bigger games on the headsets.

With development beginning by at least 2017, well before the first Quest headset was even announced, suddenly shifting the production of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond to make it compatible with Quest or Quest 2 would be a challenge. But it isn’t off the table, at least once the PC version is done.

Responding to a comment on Reddit, Mike Doran, Oculus Studios Executive Producer, said, “we are going to try, once the PC [build] is finished,” about a Quest 2 port of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

Further asked if this represented intentions of the broader production, which includes Respawn Entertainment as the main developer and parent company Electronic Arts, Doran said, “yes, they’re fully involved and onboard with this ambition.”

So while it seems like a Quest 2 version of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond isn’t off the table, ultimately it’s still awaiting further technical investigation. It’s also not clear, if the game was ported, wither it would be on both Quest 2 and the original Quest, or only come to Quest 2 due to its greater performance. Of course, either of the Quest headsets will be able to play the PC version of the game if tethered via Oculus Link.

We probably won’t have a concrete idea of whether or not the game will get a native Quest 2 port until after the launch of the PC version on December 11th; Doran says it’s not yet clear how long a port would even take.

Interestingly, Medal of Honor will be the first Oculus Studios title to also launch on Steam—and perhaps it’ll be the first to be ported to Quest too.

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